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Left in service – the saga continues

Nov 6, 2015News

There have been numerous instances of management attempting to force drivers to take a train from a maintenance centre, even though it has exceeded the time allowed for ‘trains left in service’.

Drivers have been sticking to their guns and preparing the trains as per regulation despite intimidation and threats from management. Earlier this week drivers were told that the “left in service” train had been already been prepared and to just get on and go however, when the driver went to the train he found that a maintenance red flag was on display and the train was undergoing repair.

Once this was reported, another train was allocated (supposedly prepared again) which was found to have numerous significant faults, the end result being an extended delay to that train service. There has also been another similar instance reported this week.

To date, the RTBU has reminded management of the allowable timeframes and has provided the appropriate documentation that supports this agreed timeframe.

We’ll be keeping a very close eye on this, and please don’t forget to report any concerns you have to your local delegate.