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Last ditch attempt to get QUBE agreement 

Sep 4, 2015News

QUBE members recently showed they didn’t think the company’s offer was up to scratch by voting against the proposed enterprise agreement. The RTBU negotiating team has since been trying to meet with QUBE management in a last ditch attempt to get an outcome that provides members with the wages and conditions they deserve. We’ve finally just secured a time in their schedule on the 14th of September.

The union negotiating team has been busily meeting up with delegates and members to discuss the ‘no’ vote and the next steps. There’s no doubt there is a lot of anger about the company’s offer, including around areas such as:

– the overtime rate

– trip train/local working

– Temporary transfer – amount of allowance

– Temporary transfer – no less than 7 days away from home

– DOO definition

While every effort will be made to rectify these issues, members should know that if negotiations fail to reach a satisfactory outcome, we will have no other option than to proceed with a protected action ballot.

Stay tuned for further information on this. Your negotiating team will continue to push for the enterprise agreement that you deserve.

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