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Kingsgrove to Revesby Quadruplication training update

Apr 3, 2013News

The Loco Division raised serious concerns over the way Railcorp was handling its training for the new Kingsgrove to Revesby track some time ago. The dispute over the matter has escalated in recent times.

After learning that RailCorp was proposing that drivers learn the new route by travelling on the adjacent line, watching a video and studying maps – a process in direct contradiction to the company’s own requirements – the Loco Division raised its concerns with the company.

It was agreed that a pilot training program would take place and that the union would review the course and decide on the next course of action at its completion.

The pilot training course has now completed and the Loco Division still has some very serious concerns about how the course would impact on the safety of members. These issues were raised with Railcorp and the company was notified that the dispute was still in place.

RailCorp however chose to ignore this and commenced the training course on the very next Monday.

The union immediately lodged a hearing with Fair Work Australia [FWA] as it believed RailCorp was in breach of the EA by these actions.

A subsequent meeting was convened at which RailCorp then agreed to provide “on track” training that allows for drivers to traverse both the new Up and Down lines to attain route knowledge in accordance with its TWP requirements. These arrangements should commence from the 15th April 2013.

RailCorp has agreed to provide training trains and has entered into negotiations with the construction company to attain train pathways for this purpose.

Based on agreement being finally reached to resolve this dispute, the RTBU has now withdrawn its application to FWA.

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