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Jackets off at Moss Vale

Jul 11, 2014News

Things have been getting pretty icy at Moss Vale.

The Loco Division has been made aware that management at Moss Vale has been forcing members to remove their non-approved winter jackets while on duty as it does not form a part of the “new uniform.”

While the RTBU Loco Division fought for the retention of this jacket in the distribution of the new uniform, NSW Trains refused to issue it – even in areas where temperatures fall below zero degrees Celsius.

At Moss Vale, where the temperatures often fall below zero, members are being forced to remove their jackets and then work shifts on rolling stock that have broken heating systems. However, NSW Trains are refusing to provide drivers with a suitable alternate jacket and it is clear that the suit jacket and pants are not appropriate for certain depots.

Worse still, members are now being threatened with being stood down unless they remove the only item of clothing keeping them warm.

The RTBU argued at length to keep the winter coats, but to no avail. Despite logical arguments in favour of actually having a proper winter jacket, NSW Trains refused to do so on the basis that they did not look professional for a “world-class railway.” We can only interpret this to mean that while you may be freezing when you start work at 3am it doesn’t really matter as long you look like a well-groomed professional driver….

If you find yourself in a similar situation, please advise the RTBU locomotive division Office immediately.