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Is Tony taking public services to the Abbottoir?

Jan 23, 2014Hot Topic

Tony Abbott promised a ‘no surprises government’ that would build jobs and protect worker’s conditions. But with business-led reviews like the Commission of Audit, has he delivered on his word?

The Commission of Audit has been given the brief of taking the axe to government spending. Its chief liquidator is Tony Shepherd, President of the Business Council of Australia, who’s already floated mass sell-offs of publically owned assets like roads and rail, as well as hiking fees on basic medical services.

It could very well follow the Productivity Commission’s lead in demanding 65-year-olds work another five years before retirement. This is the case even though 140,000 Australians aged 50-64 already receive unemployment benefits. This is a cost cut that would put even more pressure on a demographic that struggles to find work.

While we can expect Abbott to outsource government jobs to cheap private contractors, or to try and sell off Aussie icons like Australia Post and the ABC — this latest move shows he’s prepared to outsource the entire policy agenda of Australia to unelected corporate heavies.

A recent poll showed 63 per cent of people are opposed to cuts in order to get the budget back to surplus, and that 67 per cent would much rather increase taxes on big businesses.

So what do you think? Should Tony Abbott let businessmen tell him to privatize assets and slash services? Let us know!