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Intermodal driver update

PN, after being forced to backdown on their anti-worker agenda of pushing a vote  through, have come to the table and are negotiating with the RTBU (as per Member demand) around possible flexibility triggers during the COVID-19 crisis.

Your RTBU Negotiating Team are:


  • Peter Visentin – PFT
  • Eliott Hackett – Junee
  • Tom Michell – MFT
  • Brett Dawson – PAG
  • Peter Mundey – Taree


  • Leanne Holmes
  • Steve Wright
  • Brian Head

So far, the Negotiating Team have met with PNI management (via Skype) four times for approximately 1.5 hours per session.

At the start of these negotiations, PN put everything they had on the table from the Wishlist that they had flagged to the Members earlier on. Your RTBU Negotiating Team (who wholeheartedly support Good Faith Bargaining) have been going through each item, listening to PN’s justification for why they need the change and reminding them that any consideration has to be COVID-19 based (NOT based on business demands).

There was a National RTBU PNI Delegate Zoom meeting on Monday where the RTBU Negotiating Team went through discussions thus far and heard feedback and direction from the floor.

On Tuesday 28 April, RTBU Negotiating Team met with PNI Management and strongly put the position forward:

  • No changes to the current EA
  • MOU to be the instrument used to encapsulate the terms
  • Any agreed changes will be Covid-19 based only
  • Any agreed changes will be for a fixed term only

PN have reluctantly agreed to an MOU, however further meetings are required to work out the details of the variations.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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