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If it quacks like a duck … it’s the new yard horn

Apr 1, 2011News

The Loco Division has considerable concerns about RailCorp’s trial of a new low decibel audible warning device at MacDonaldtown depot.

The new device is to replace the yard horn, which doesn’t meet noise pollution laws, and is anticipated to be rolled out across the network.

But during a recent trial, where the Loco Division was invited as a spectator not a pariticipant, the device was tested under conditions that do not reflect normal conditions at the site – for example where no compressors were running or trains were passing.

As you’ll see from our video, when the compressors are running, you can’t hear the horn.

And why was the device tested with the loco skirt up? Because when it’s down, it doesn’t quite meet its target of 80 decibles at 7 metres. Audibility is dangerously low at 60 metres, particularly if a worker has their back turned and can’t see the visual element of the warning.

Being able to hear moving trains is a matter of life or death for rail workers. This process must be carried out correctly. Watch our videos and judge for yourself.