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Hornsby ETR Sub Division Elections

Aug 28, 2013News

The Hornsby ETR Sub Division recently elected a new depot organiser in David Carr. A depot organising committee (DOC) has been established that will actively function in the best interests of members.

The elected convener is John Mooney and the elected Membership Representative is Grant Clifford.

The Hornsby Sub Division is part of ETR Region 1 along with North Sydney, Blacktown, Penrith & Richmond. The Divisional Councilor for the region is Andrew Holt.

It is the aim of all concerned to have a strong, functioning, relevant union presence at the depot to stand up for workers rights and conditions of employment. We’re confident that the newly elected representatives will give voice to their members’ concerns in upcoming collective negotiations

Please contact head office or the members above for further information. We have always taken our strength from our unity and to those who have been elected to union positions with a view to helping members, the Loco Division congratulates you.