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Government super announcement concern for RailCorp workers

May 3, 2013News

The O’Farrell Government has revealed it may pressure RailCorp staff to pay for the compulsory superannuation increases out of their own pockets.

Treasurer Mike Baird yesterday confirmed that he considers the rise in compulsory superannuation as an employee-related expense falling under the Government’s 2.5 per cent cap.

Compulsory superannuation costs are set to rise from 0.25 per cent from July as part of a staggered rise from 9 to 12 per cent.

Loco Division Secretary Bob Hayden said that with the RailCorp agreement up for negotiation next year, the government’s announcement is of real concern for workers.

“For the government to suggest that it will force employees to cover what is meant to be an employer contribution is outrageous,” Bob Hayden.

“Workers in the public sector are already burdened with the 2.5 per cent wage cap. If the government gets its way, this will be yet another cost it expects workers to wear.

“The next RailCorp agreement negotiations are already shaping up to be tough ride and this latest announcement really cements that.

“The current RailCorp EA doesn’t expire until March 2014, but we know that in the wake of the formation of NSW and Sydney Trains and now this, things are going to get tough.

“There’s been no consultation whatsoever with the unions or workers on this. It’s just another example of the O’Farrell Government showing little respect for its workforce.”