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Government fighting Newcastle rail line ruling

Jul 15, 2015News

The Newcastle rail line saga is continuing, with the Government’s appeal against the recent Supreme Court ruling now set to be heard.

The Supreme Court last year ruled that the NSW Government couldn’t remove the rail line between Wickham and Newcastle stations, because legislation hadn’t been passed allowing it to do so.

The ruling was a huge win for local community groups who had fought hard against the Government’s move to tear up the rail line.

The Government found a way to sneakily get around the ruling by leaving the tracks in place but simply tarring over the top of them.

The issue of the rail line has caused huge controversy in Newcastle, with residents angered over the inconvenience of the line cut, the lack of public consultation, the impact the government’s city ‘revitalisation’ plans are having on local business and parking, and the additional cost of the government’s plan.

The RTBU has been a strong and vocal opponent of the NSW Government’s moves to tear up the rail line into Newcastle.

The appeal hearing is currently underway.