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Global rail unions fight neoliberal policies

Jan 23, 2015News

Delegates from rail unions from across the globe have resoled to band together to fight against neoliberal rail policies, which are becoming increasingly common in many areas of the world.

At the 43rd International Transport Workers’ Federation Congress held in Sofia on 10-16 August, delegates unanimously agreed to significantly strengthen the communication and solidarity among unions around the world who are fighting against neoliberal rail policies by:

– establishing a system for regular communication between rail unions who have been or are currently engaged in fights against neoliberal policies;
– strengthening information sharing and exchanges of strategies between affiliates, particularly in cases where the experiences of unions who have fought neoliberal policies in the past can be important resources to unions facing similar campaigns in the present; – committing to joint solidarity actions against key governments and employers;
– creating a system for mobilising and carrying out such actions.

ITF Inland Transport Sections Secretary, Mac Urata said rail union have developed a network to assist in discussing and responding to pressures being placed on rail workers.

“There are currently important struggles against neoliberal rail policies underway in several countries, notably India, Turkey and Malaysia. In some cases, workers who are fighting back are being faced with dismissals and other forms of retaliation. We expect the network will actively mobilise to support these national struggles,” Mr Urata said.

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