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FWC rules against urine testing

Jan 19, 2014News

Unions have had another big win in the fight to stop companies using urine samples to test employees for drugs and alcohol, with the Fair Work Commission this week declaring workers at Endeavour Energy must be tested using saliva swabs.

Endeavour Energy was appealing a decision the Commission first ruled on in 2012 which stated that urinalysis was “unjust and unreasonable”.

The decision follows the RTBU’s successful sexual discrimination case, which made sure the NSW Government used saliva tests – a reliable, non-invasive method of drug testing

The Loco Division agrees with employers that drug testing is vital for workplace health – but it should not come at the cost of workers’ privacy or hygienic standards. There are better methods of testing than urine, and that’s why the Loco Division will keep fighting on this issue.