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Freightliner talks slowly progressing

Nov 11, 2014News

Progress is finally being made on the Freightliner Coal EA, with just a few items still outstanding.

Union representatives have been in negotiations with the company in an attempt to further these final areas of contention over the last weeks, with some success.

The issues still not agreed include:

– Term of agreement and % increase. Parties are yet to agree whether it will be 4 years from certification or 4 years from expiry of the current agreement, and it is hoped the wage increase will be determined over the coming week once the company has had time to consider a number of options.

– Definition of emergency working. There has been agreement to include the same wording as contained in the Rail Safety Act. The company is still to confirm.

– Paid delegate leave to be capped at 5 days per year. This is yet to be agreed.

– Workplace relations. The parties agreed to further discuss differences at further meetings.

You can see an overview of the key items that have already received in-principle agreement by the parties in the full Footplate here.

Should in principle agreement be reached on the final few outstanding items, the company will then redraft a complete agreement which will be reviewed by the union representatives before being put to members for a vote.

See the full footplate here.