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Freightliner members concerned about EA vote

Oct 10, 2014News

Freightliner members have raised concerns about how management is planning to run its enterprise agreement ballot.

The company has refused to negotiate with the union negotiating committee, instead going straight to employees with the ballot.

The Loco Division has been contacted by a number of members concerned about the company’s process, particularly around what is seen to be an attempt to influence the vote. The main concners include:

– The move to conduct the ballot in-house,

– Forcing employees to identify themselves when voting by way of sending an email to an internal company email address,

– Forcing employees to identify to the company how they vote,

– Conducting the vote without any independent oversight,

– Withdrawing the offer of back pay if employees vote no.

While the Loco Division can’t stop the company from putting the enterprise agreement out to a vote, it can do everything possible to make sure the voting process is independent, secret and scrutineered.

It’s important to note that the union cannot support the current agreement.

It’s also critical to note that if members don’t vote at all, the company will consider that a ‘yes’ vote.

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