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Finger scanning payroll system put on the backburner

Aug 23, 2012News

Railcorp’s planned $16million contract to use finger scanning to record hours worked has been given the axe before it even got off the ground.

The NSW Government gave the contract to introduce a new payroll system to company Capgemini, who won the tender to introduce a “time capture to pay” system which would have seen swipe cards and finger scanning used to record hours worked, but the contract was cancelled just weeks after being awarded as part of the government’s train reform strategy.

The Opposition has estimated that cancelled contract will cost the state $11 million – a claim Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian firmly disputes.

Ms Berejiklian said that all major planning and procurement will now be looked after by Transport for NSW.

Loco Division Secretary Bob Hayden said the union has long been opposed to the finger scanning software and believes that the system would create more payroll issues than it would fix.

“We can only hope that this means the end of the finger scanning system. It’s good news that this has been canned for now – let’s hope it stays that way.

Bob Hayden said the union will be doing everything it can to ensure that should this system, or another system, see the light of day, that it first go through a robust consultation period with the workforce about how it will work in practice, potential impacts, and confirm that members’ pays will not be short changed.

“If Transport for NSW want this system, or a similar version, to come back we’d want to see policies to govern how it will be used and a viable explanation as to why it’s the most appropriate system.

“Workers’ right to privacy has to be completely ensured, explained and protected before any such system is introduced.”