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Farewell and thanks to Ian Wyllie

Nov 28, 2014News

The Loco Division is farewelling Loco Division Assistant Secretary Ian Wyllie, who after just short of 28 years in the industry is heading off to enjoy retirement.

Ian joined the railways in 1986 as a trainee driver at Port Kembla, and remained at Port Kembla right up until the time he gave up driving in 2011 to dedicate more time to the work of the loco Division.

Ian’s interest in promoting the rights and conditions of Loco workers started in the mid 90s when he was elected sub-division President. From there, he went on to become the sub-division Secretary (now a depot organiser), before taking on the important role of Assistant Secretary in 2010.

Ian says he is glad to be leaving the Loco Division knowing that it is in great shape, saying that he believes it’s the most efficient and accountable its ever been.

“I think the greatest thing the Division has achieved so far is getting to the point where we are. in very good shape at the moment.

“What I’ve personally enjoyed most about working for the union is the responsibility. I like actually doing things that make a difference.

“What I’ll miss most is all the people in the industry I’ve met over the years,” Ian said. “But I think I’ll handle retirement pretty well.”

As for what is in store for his retirement? “I’m not one to make plans. I’ll just do whatever comes along.”

Sounds pretty good to us.

The Loco Division would like to extend its sincere thanks to Ian who has been a driving force within the Loco Division for many years. A great workmate, a strong advocate for workers in the industry and a fantastic bloke to boot.

The Divisional Council will invite Ian back to formally thank him for his dedication to the union in the New Year.