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Existing rail system shouldn’t be forgotten in rush to shiny new train lines: SMH

May 28, 2019News

It is important that the state’s existing heavy rail system is not forgotten in the rush for shiny new train lines, the Sydney Morning Herald’s transport reporter, Matt O’Sullivan, writes in today’s paper.

“While the State Premier and Transport Minister are busy patting themselves on the back over the new Sydney Metro system (a private, driverless system that is – without doubt – an expensive shiny new plaything that has already proven to have many failings), they can’t afford to ignore the rest of our train network – the rail network which will continue to carry the bulk of commuters for decades,” Loco Division Secretary, Bob Hayden, said.

“It’s typical of Governments to focus on shiny new play things while forgetting about the major and proven heavy rail double deck system within the metropolitan network which continues to be the backbone of the NSW commuter transport system, without which the metropolitan and intercity regions would struggle to function.”

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