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Drivers fight for the right to stand in the rain

Aug 12, 2014News

Sydney Trains is proposing to change the windscreen rule (TWP 150) – a move the Loco Division says would unnecessarily put drivers and the travelling public at risk.

The company’s proposal would mean that trains could enter and stay in service with a limited critical viewing area of just 250mm radius from the centre line of sight and, critically, vision would only be possible from a seated position.

Loco Division Secretary Bob Hayden said that being able to stand while driving is key to fatigue management.

“Having the ability to stand while driving has been shown to reduce the risk of fatigue in drivers,” Bob Hayden said.

“Stopping drivers from having that option is an unnecessary risk both for drivers and the travelling public.

“We know that limiting the field of vision could potentially restrict drivers in a number of circumstances including:
– peripheral vision capabilities
– environmental conditions – fog, heavy rain etc
– operating in Network Safety Critical zones-inability to view Worksites-not observing signage
– drivers ability in identifying/interpreting signal aspect.
– drivers ability in identifying/interpreting speed restrictions (cautions and warnings)
– correct adherence to route aspects – signals, gradients etc,
– workers on track, damaged overhead, etc.

“The Loco Division believes that any proposed change to TWP 150 must be supported through the required consultative process with applicable stakeholders, including WHS representatives.

“Any change would also require validation through appropriate Risk Assessment and SCARD documentation.

“Until those processes have been adhered to, we simply cannot accept the change the company wishes to push through. We’ve told the company of our view and will keep members updated on their response.”