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Data logger dispute

Jun 20, 2014News

The RTBU Locomotive Division recently attended a meeting with NSW Trains in relation to a dispute that was lodged regarding what the RTBU deemed to be incorrect auditing of the Data Logger records.

The RTBU was made aware that management had been randomly auditing the Data Logger in order ensure compliance (for example, train preparation) outside of the agreed parameters contained within the Train Crew Data Logger protocol.

The protocol states that “programmed compliance audits will be conducted in accordance with Train Crewing’s ‘audit programme’ and/or at the request of the Chief Operations Manager. Crews will be given a minimum of one month’s notice of the location, time frame and targeted item prior to the commencement of the audit.”

Initially, NSW Trains refused to acknowledge the existence of the above protocol, instead saying that they were relying upon a CountryLink procedure for compliance auditing which applies only to diesel trains as the document suited their purpose more than that of the protocol.

NSW Trains eventually conceded that this auditing was in contravention to the protocol, and stated that they would send a letter to the RTBU ensuring their commitment to the protocol which governs how the Data Logger may be audited for InterCity Train Crew. However, this only occurred once the matter was placed into dispute by the RTBU in order to ensure compliance with the agreed protocol for InterCity Drivers.

In the meantime, NSW Trains will be reviewing the Train Crew Data Logger Protocol to ascertain whether or not the relevant Protocol for InterCity Drivers is applicable and relevant. They will also be advising employees when and where they intend to conduct compliance audits in accordance with the Train Crew Data Logger Protocol.

The RTBU Locomotive Division will provide further information once the letter has been received from NSW Trains and the dispute resolved.