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Cook rest house legionnaires results

May 20, 2013National Union

Recently a ban had to be placed on showering at the Cook Rest House in South Australia after water samples from the area returned positive for elevated legionnaires bacteria.

An immediate ban was placed on showering and all drivers have been asked to report any flu like symptoms being experienced since showering in the rest house in the past week, after the water filling station which The Indian Pacific is filled from returned the positive test.

Pacific National Rail sent an memo saying that while showering and sprinkler irrigation should be avoided, the high levels of Legionella bacteria does not affect its suitability for drinking and cooking.

RTBU representatives were concerned that the company didn’t immediately act with the urgency required and that communication between Cook based PN staff and management was not satisfactory, with break-downs in communication leading to a three-day lag in getting alternate showering facilities to the area and staff being told to have a sponge bath in the meantime.

The RTBU is working to ensure the company takes all actions necessary to ensure the safety of workers and passengers in the area and to ensure that a dedicated testing program is set up for both the Cook township and coach fleet water systems.