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Central getting shunted

Sep 2, 2014News

Following concerns about the high incidences of shunting on Platform 15 at Central, a meeting was held between the union and NSW Trains to discuss the issue.

Loco Division Secretary Bob Hayden said there was going growing concern that shunting of 8-car V-sets on the platform was becoming an increasingly regular occurrence over the past six months – a huge concern given the safety risks associated with the practice.

“The length of the V-Sets and the location of the level crossing on Platform 15, mean that the practice of shunting in that area is particularly dangerous.

“Ordinarily, the only time that a V-Set should be shunted onto Platform 15 is in the case of an emergency, however V-Sets were being left on Platform 15 as a quick-fix and not in the case of a dire emergency.

“NSW and Sydney Trains refused to address the issue, so a PIN Notice was issued in order to get the matter resolved.

“There is now an agreement to ensure that V-Sets are no longer shunted onto Platform 15 unless there is a genuine emergency. This is an important victory for safety at Central station, and we’re very grateful to the members who first brought the issue to our attention.”