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Breakthrough in Aurizon case

Mar 14, 2014News

The RTBU and Aurizon management have reached an in-principal agreement during EA negotiations at the Fair Work Commission this week.
On Wednesday and Thursday this week the bargaining teams met and during the two days all outstanding clauses were reviewed and the parties reached agreement subject to final wording being reviewed by your negotiating team.

The parties also reached in-principle agreement on a four-year agreement, which includes a phasing in of a 152 hour duty cycle.

Upon the wording being finalised by the parties, a formal employee meeting and voting process will be undertaken to allow employees to vote on the proposed agreement.

Your bargaining representatives will be holding information sessions throughout next week to provide you with more details around this in-principal agreement.

The company will be providing a draft in-principal agreement to the Loco Division’s bargaining representatives to review next week.

Once final wording is agreed a full copy of the agreement will be distributed to employees and a formal ballot process conducted.