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Blinded by the lights

Feb 12, 2014News

Drivers are concerned that the new ‘visibility lights’ now required to be fitted to trains, are temporarily blinding oncoming drivers.

A recent amendment to the network rules means that all trains fitted with visibility lights (fog/ditch) must have them switched on in the direction of travel on running lines, however since the change the RTBU Loco Division has received a number of complaints from drivers saying it makes approaching signals at stop, platforms, cautionary signals and other areas unsafe.

Prior to the introduction of the amendment, the RTBU raised concerns with Sydney Trains management and network rules about the hazard and potential risks the visibility lights could pose and an assurance was sought that the lights would be adjusted to avoid potential safety incidents. It would appear that our concerns have not been recognised.

In the interests of improving safety, members are reminded that should you believe an oncoming train’s visibility lights are prohibiting their ability to drive the trains in a safe manner they should in the first instance raise a CAN and when they have the opportunity, compile a hazard report.

The Loco Division believes that operators have a duty of care to ensure the safety of their staff and the travelling public that any safety risks reported in the workplace are acted on immediately.