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Beyond ‘the call of duty’

Apr 4, 2022News

In a true show of solidarity and empathy, union members across Europe have bonded together in a
humanitarian effort to ensure that refugees in the Ukrainian crisis can flee a warzone as the Russian
government continues its invasion.

Governments across the globe should do well to remember that its rail employees are not just paid
individuals who perform switch on/switch off tasks; to the contrary they are human beings with a
social and community conscience that extends beyond their sign on/off duties.

In this ultimate show of empathy, train drivers, on-board staff, signallers, station staff and
infrastructure workers on a daily basis place human life above their own.

“Our commitment to safety as rail workers is not bound by the limits of our employment. If we can go the extra mile in the name of safety, we roll up our sleeves and do it. What we’re seeing in Ukraine authentically embodies that commitment, and we stand in solidarity with our friends in Ukraine as they harness their collective power to ensure refugees from the war are transported to a place of security.” says RTBU Locomotive Divisional Secretary Farren Campbell.

The Locomotive Division sends it’s thoughts out to rail workers affected by this crisis and stresses
that the rail industry is not solely about moving people; its about ensuring safety on every level,
every time, no matter the circumstances.

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