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Aurizon’s in-cab recording a serious concern for workers

Nov 5, 2015News

Aurizon’s plans to introduce in-cab video and audio recordings (inward facing cameras) were front and centre in our discussions at the recent RTBU National Council.

The union has a number of serious concerns about the move, including:

– The invasion of drivers’ privacy at work;

– The level of anxiety that constant supervision will cause for drivers;

– The concerns of the use of the devices as a disciplinary tool

– Whether they knowledge of ongoing monitoring will crate an unacceptable safety risk

– Whether the safety benefits of in-cab video and audio recordings have been overstated; and

– Whether regulators have failed their ‘duty of care’ in relation to coordinating a national approach to a provide a safe working environment.

The RTBU believes that safety would be better served by investing in safety devices that prevent accidents from happening, and in mitigating known safety issues (such as fatigue).

Click here to see a full overview of the situation.

National Loco Division

National Loco Division