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Aurizon set for industrial action ballot

Jan 28, 2014News

Negotiations with Aurizon over a new enterprise agreement to replace the previous Interail Australia agreement, have broken down after six months of discussions.

Following the company’s refusal to budge on a range of key issues for members including a reduction in monthly working hours, long service leave provisions, the rostered shift change clause and the lift up, lay clause, the RTBU was forced to apply to the Fair Work Commission for a protected industrial action ballot.

The Loco Division says that the company’s current position on the agreement would strip works of their pay and conditions, and as such the union has been left with no option but to go down this route.

Members can expect to receive a ballot paper shortly which asks the types, if any, of industrial action you believe should be available to members.

The ballot is being run by the Australian Electoral Commission and papers should start arriving with members from the 31st of January. Voting will close at 10am on 12 February.

Please make sure your details are up to date with the union as soon as possible.