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Aurizon and the shed of secrets

Jan 15, 2016News

Despite revenue of more than $3.7 billion last year, where is the best place that Aurizon thought they should store employee training records and copies of private drivers licences?

A safe? No.

A vault? No.

A locked storage room? Also no.

Turns out its just a shed in Mayfield. An unlocked shed.

This is what a statement to employees has revealed about the current quality of secure document storage at the employer.

In a comfort to workers, Aurizon have come out and assured everyone that the shed is now locked, with the leadership team the only ones with access. But surely wasn’t it them who left it open in the first place?

Aurizon have also attempted to calm fears by telling workers that they are reviewing the contents of all the boxes. It probably shouldn’t be a comfort if they didn’t know what was in there before…

The union and members will be looking forward to hearing more from Aurizon as their investigation into the depths of their shed continue, and what new secrets will be unveiled as time goes on.