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ATP alarm testing

Oct 26, 2012News

Rigorous testing of new alarm systems has been carried out to ensure there’s no confusion when the new sounds are introduced.

As part of the Automatic Train Protection project, several Loco Division members have been involved in auditory testing of the Driver Machine Interface (DMI) and Tangara train alarms and tones.

The testing compared the alarms and tones that currently exist on the Tangara train to the sounds that will be emitted from the DMI. Members and Loco Division observers were asked to rate the 21 pairs of alarms/tones on a scale of one to ten – one being very similar and ten being very dissimilar.

The testing is important to ensure safety when the new alarms are introduced, and the Loco Division is confident the introduction of the ATP system into the RailCorp network will prove beneficial.

A report detailing the findings will be released shortly.

The Loco Division would like to thank all the members involved for their assistance.