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Are your details up-to-date?

Mar 12, 2013News

Loco Division membership is still increasing at a rapid rate, with more members than ever joining together to call for fair wages and conditions.

While the increased member numbers is great, it’s important to remember to keep your personal details up to date with the union to ensure that you can be contacted with information relevant to you.

Loco Division Secretary Bob Hayden said that the issue is particularly noticeable when people are transferring to and from depots.

“Membership numbers are the highest they’ve ever been, which is fantastic for all workers.” Bob Hayden said.

“However, we’ve been seeing a growing trend of people forgetting to update their personal details with the union.

“It’s vital the union has accurate information on which depot members are at, correct email addresses, employer, depot location and the likes.

Bob Hayden said it’s particularly important that delegates remember to keep the Loco Division updated on member movements as they occur.

Members can also update their details via the ‘Update Your Details’ link on Loco Express.