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A Win for MomentumRail Workers

Apr 1, 2020Momentum


An NSW RTBU Locomotive Division member identified in April 2017 that MomentumRail were not paying the appropriate Superannuation payments to employees for their ordinary hours when these fell on a Public Holiday (in this case, over Easter). The company was notified on 20 April 2017 of this error. 

Following many communications from the NSW RTBU Locomotive Division, the RTBU National Office and a letter of demand we are pleased to advise that MomentumRail via Engenco Human Resources Team have confirmed today that: 

all superannuation contributions that were calculated incorrectly for hours worked on public holidays have now been recalculated in line with the Superannuation Guarantee (Administration) Act 1992 (the Act) and the outstanding balances have been lodged with the ATO on the 30th of March 2020”. 

The NSW RTBU Locomotive Division requests all employees to check their superannuation entitlements are correct. 

MomentumRail has advised that systems are being put in place to ensure this does not happen again, particularly in light of the upcoming Easter Break. These measures include the appointment of a new Payroll Officer. 


Thank you to all MomentumRail NSW Train Crew employees for your support in signing the Majority Support Determination Application petition that was circulated and subsequently lodged with the FWC. 

The NSW RTBU Locomotive Division attended the Fair Work Commission in Sydney for a hearing on 4th March 2020 with the matter still ongoing. 

In latest news I am pleased to advise that MomentumRail have contacted the RTBU National Office and NSW RTBU Locomotive Division advising they are now willing to entering into negotiations for a National Enterprise Agreement. They have requested we withdraw our application to proceed with this. We are currently considering next steps and will keep you updated. 

Member Communications 

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