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A little Loco Christmas cheer

Dec 20, 2013News

Twas the night before Christmas and all through Transport
The workers were working from the bush to the port
The commuters queued at the window with care
In hope that a ticket seller would soon be there 

The Directors were tucked up all sung in their beds
Visions of restructures danced in their heads
Gladys in her suit and Barry in his tie
Chuckled over promises that were one big fat lie

When out on the track there arose such a clatter
The infra workers were there to see what’s the matter
Passengers were scared there had been a crash
But CSA’s made announcements as quick as a flash

The trains were buzzing with drivers and guards
They had little time to think of gifts and cards
Out in the depot there wasn’t much cheer
Restructures were looming for all who work here

The cleaners were scrubbing both train and station
Even though they’re up for privatisation
For the workers in Elsie Street things were glum
There were more reforms in the weeks to come

But they all have something and it’s the best thing around
They’re all Union members and together they’re bound
To fight for their rights and stick up for their mates
They work hard to earn those penalty rates

 So its time to knock off and drink a cold beer
To look back and celebrate the wins from this year
So I will be looking forward to the next 12 months
To sticking it to the government the useless….jerks

I will be here ready to fight
and with that
I wish a merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!

                                                      – Skye Morrison