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Workers Compensation Report – One Year On

Jun 20, 2013News

This week, to mark a year since Barry O’Farrell made significant changes to workers compensation laws, Unions NSW released the results of their online survey.

 The report highlights the human impacts of the Government’s changes.

– 2,340 people completed survey, 1392 (60%) of whom had suffered an injury or illness at work.

– Key findings from the survey include:

– 93% of people are opposed the Government’s changes to workers compensation;

– Of the 1392 injured workers, 504 were receiving weekly payments in June 2012;

– 92 workers reported a reduction in their weekly payments as a result of the changes;

– 71% of people receiving weekly payments have not yet undergone a Work Capacity Assessment;

– 86% of injured workers sustained their injury prior to June 2012.

You can see the full report here:

In the coming weeks, Unions NSW will also be compiling the hundreds of individual stories from the survey results. These will be posted to the website

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