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Waratah Train Preparation

Feb 5, 2013News

RailCorp has advised the RTBU that it wishes to review the current Waratah Train preparation procedure, with the ultimate goal of reducing the overall time allowable for this procedure.

Members will be aware that this process has already occurred for Silver sets and Tangara type trains – the result has been the 52 minute preparation now in use.

Consultation remains ongoing with Millennium and OSCAR train regarding preparation procedures. The timing for these procedures is yet to be agreed.

Once again, by reducing the requirements of these procedures, RailCorp reduces the time required and gains more drivers “footplate” time.

One Comment to “Waratah Train Preparation”

  • I have spoken to both Glenn Fraser and John Tsiros on this issue and as there are nearly 650 Train Guards currently qualified for 26 trains our current 60 minute Train Prep will continue until there are enough trains on the network for the Majority of the crew to have prepping experience, also RailCorp also want to remove the checking of the Overshoot Button form the train prep, this is Not Negoitable as originally stated to Industrial relations if guards “Dont Check It” then the Guards “Wont Use It”

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