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Union victory for NSW/Sydney Trains agreement

Jun 6, 2013News

The RTBU and combined rail unions have successfully ensured all rail workers transferring into the new NSW and Sydney Train entities on 1 July 2013 will continue to be covered by the current RailCorp Agreement.

The unions have fought hard to ensure RailCorp and the NSW Government agreed to continue to maintain the industrial rights of members.

Today, the RTBU and combined rail unions also secured a ruling from the Fair Work Commission which ensures not only will current workers continue to have their industrial rights protected but these protections, contained in the RailCorp Agreement will also be extended to all new employees in Sydney and NSW Trains.

This means RailCorp cannot seek to undermine your current working conditions by seeking to employ new employees under the lesser conditions contained in the Transport Modern Award.

One Comment to “Union victory for NSW/Sydney Trains agreement”

  • A good win and the first steps in what will be a long hard fight for conditions and wages. Well done all concerned.

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