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Train drivers have toughest job

Sep 26, 2013News

Statistics have revealed what many of us already knew – that train driving is a tough, stressful job.

Safe Work Australia has releases the list of the most stressful job based on the number of accepted claims for workers compensation for mental stress-related issues.

With 1025 claims per 100 million hours worked – or about 26 times the average job for males – train drivers top the toughest job list.

Behind train drivers is police, ambulance officers, paramedics, prison offices and bus and tram drivers.

A spokesperson from Safe Work Australia told that the stress is likely due to experiencing tragic incidents.

“For males, drivers of public transport in particular train drivers had very high rates of workers’ compensation claims arising from mental stress. This is likely due to the unfortunately large number of suicides witnessed by these workers on the rail network.

The report suggests that the reason more male drivers than female are dealing with stress is based purely on the fact that there are more males in the job.

If you’re facing a lot of stress in your job, contact your local delegate to discuss what measures can be taken.

One Comment to “Train drivers have toughest job”

  • Hi, it is ironic that I have kept this article for so long. I experienced 6 fatalities between 1976/84 which led to premature retirement in 1989 with PTSD. To this day I still have major problems. At the moment I am having problems with my last employers (FED.GOVT) insurance co. and been sent to see 8 ? minimum of their Dr’s (Pysch.)..As above they all use the term ‘ witnessed’ ,as if you were standing away from the incident and watching. There is never a mention of the feel of impact (scream) bones crunching, brakes squealing and the tension you feel, and if you are up to it going back to view the body just in case you can help.Of course non of this happens outside a hospital or Dr’s surgery and in my day there were no radio’s. Just thought this might help in the wording ( Witnessed ). PS..somehow I have reached 70 years of age.

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