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They are cutting our pensions

Dec 16, 2016News

Malcolm Turnbull is cutting pensions for hard-working Australians, with some couples set to lose up to $6,120 a year, or $117.70 a week.

These cuts will make life very difficult for 330,000 pensioners. Many of these people have worked hard all their lives and carefully planned for their retirement.

Will you call talk back radio and Malcolm Turnbull to tell him to get his hands off our pension?

If we all do it, the Liberals will have to listen – and at least the will people know what’s going on. His office number is 02 9327 3988.

1. Here is some more information about the cuts to pensions that are coming.

2. And here is a list of the radio stations and some helpful tips on calling talk back radio.

We can’t let him get away with it.

One Comment to “They are cutting our pensions”

  • As a person on the pension and effected by the changes I thought I might try and enlighten some members on the reality of the so-called “scheme to stop this drain on the public purse by those who believe they are entitled to receive basic assistance and are doomed to become part of a welfare state”. i.e. the attack on the aged pensioner.
    Let’s compare the drain:
    The maximum age pension in Australia is for a single person $22,804.60 per year and for a couple $34,382.40 per year. Now this is the maximum, most are on far less than that because during the years we were gainfully employed, we scrimped and saved so we could place the maximum we could afford into our super schemes so we could enjoy a reasonable retirement, for which we are now being penalised for.
    The average federal parliamentary pension, which is not dependent on the amount they personally contribute although they are required, for as long as they are elected or up to 18 years, to pay 11.5% of their salary (their employer, who is you but they don’t negotiate their benefits with their employer, contributes 15.4% of their salary), this amounts to around a $118,000 per year pension with people who were called “ministers” receiving in excess of $255,000 per year. Remember, this is not age reliant, if they have 12 years and they get voted out, they get the pension, no matter how many other jobs they have. The total pension cost, not including the free business class travel and other perks, exceeds $40,000,000 per year. Big bucks for small numbers.
    So, if these so called “leaders of the community” want to stamp out the “age of entitlement” let’s see them show leadership and start with themselves first. Let’s reduce the employer contribution to the same as that received by the average Australian Worker, instead of their contributions going into “general revenue” let’s make them join an Australian Super Fund and reduce their total super pension payments to that of the amount they have in their super account when booted out and remove their access to it until they reach the age of 60 and “means test” it. Let’s remove the “retirement perks” they should receive exactly the same as what the average Australian Worker receives, nothing.
    Politicians continually say that if you pay peanuts you get monkeys, well we’ve got the monkeys but we certainly aren’t paying peanuts. (I apologise to the monkeys of the world for associating them with such a degenerate section of society)
    Remember the $40,000,000 + per year only includes federal politicians, if you add state politicians you could probably multiply that by a factor of 5. And if you are looking for where the “age of entitlement” resides, look no further than your federal and state parliaments, it sits next to hypocrisy.
    Proud Life Member of the RTBU

    Ian Wyllie
    Ps. For those who are interested or believe politicians are somehow trustworthy and hard done by, copy the link below leads to some fascinating reading.

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