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NZ train drivers condemn KiwiRail’s return to “dirty diesel”

Dec 22, 2016News

New Zealand’s train drivers are condemning KiwiRail’s plans to replace the current electric locomotive fleet on the North Island Main Trunk Line with Chinese-made and diesel-powered locomotives. Rail and Maritime Transport Union (RMTU) General Secretary Wayne Butson told the media that diesel-powered […] Read More »

The pension Malcolm Turnbull is not touching

Dec 22, 2016News

Last week we reported that Malcolm Turnbull is cutting pensions for hard-working Australians, with some couples set to lose up to $6,120 a year, or $117.70 a week. But there’s one pension he’s not touching… Thanks […] Read More »

They are cutting our pensions

Dec 16, 2016News

Malcolm Turnbull is cutting pensions for hard-working Australians, with some couples set to lose up to $6,120 a year, or $117.70 a week. These cuts will make life very difficult for 330,000 pensioners. Many of these people […] Read More »

All the latest from New Zealand

Dec 14, 2016News

It’s always good to learn from the experiences of transport workers in different countries and show solidarity. You can catch up on all the latest from our comrades in New Zealand by reading the December issue […] Read More »

Petition to save major NZ rail line

Dec 1, 2016News

NZ’s South Island’s main rail line has been decimated by huge slips following the magnitude 7.8 earthquake near Kaikoura. Already there is pressure from groups like the Tax Payers Union to not replace the rail line. As transport […] Read More »

Petition: Enlist The Interislander In NZ Earthquake Recovery

Nov 17, 2016News

Let’s all get behind our RMTU comrades in NZ and sign this petition. After the devastating earthquake on Monday morning, NZ’s most important transport link has been critically damaged. They’re calling for Kiwirail to get an […] Read More »

Victory for Norwegian Locomotive drivers!

Nov 1, 2016News

Our colleagues in Norway have had a big victory after prolonged strike action. As of Monday morning they are back at work. The employer agreed to send a common letter to the Norwegian Transport Minister with […] Read More »

Update from Norwegian Locomotive drivers

Oct 28, 2016News

          Message from our Norwegian colleagues from the NLF locomotive drivers’ union: Update on the Norwegian Locomotive drivers strike The strike has now been going on for 4 weeks.  124 locomotive […] Read More »

Spanish train driver cops bad press for standing up for safety

Oct 19, 2016News

A Spanish train driver left his post mid-route this week because he reached the legal limit on the number of hours he could work. In Spain the legal shift length is set at six hours straight to […] Read More »

Keep Our Hospitals Public

Oct 17, 2016News

The NSW Liberal Government has announced a proposal for five of our publically owned hospitals to be redeveloped in a partnership with the private sector. This will result in our hospitals being built and  operated […] Read More »

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