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Sydney Trains reform: latest update

Aug 12, 2016News

Members are advised that after a break of approximately five months Sydney Trains has recommenced the discussions on the Clause 12 reform items although Sydney Trains now wants to focus on work package 2 (EA Clause […] Read More »

PN Newsflash: Signing off and on at barracks

Jul 26, 2016News

To: PN intermodal members Re: Signing off and on at barracks (rest location). Members would be aware that the PN Intermodal EA provides for sign off and on to occur at the Barracks / Resting […] Read More »

Sydney Trains reform – latest Newsflash

Jan 25, 2016News

What the latest on the Sydney Trains reform situation? Click here to read the latest Newsflash. You can also complete the latest Sydney Trains reform survey by clicking on this link.  Read More »

Important update on QUBE negotiations

Jul 6, 2015News

Despite the QUBE negotiating team putting in their best efforts and a lot of hard work, the company has prepared a draft section of the Agreement which your union has been unable to agree with. Read More »

Hot off the press: first QUBE Newsflash

May 2, 2013National Union

With a number of entities now sitting under the new QUBE umbrella, the option of negotiating one national QUBE agreement is now available. Read More »