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RailCorp/TfNSW workers get the training they deserve

May 16, 2014News

The Loco Division has long been a strong advocate for the need to support driver trainers at RailCorp / TfNSW through professional development days in both the training and technical elements of the role.

It can now be reported that Learning and Delivery – Petersham has developed and are supporting Professional Development Workshops in a 12 month cycle. Workplace trainers (from all over TfNSW areas) will attend 2 workshops in the 12 month cycle. Each workshop will attempt to enhance the quality of their training and assessment and will also keep them current in best practice.

These workshops have started to be rostered and delivered with positive feedback received at this point. The Loco Division endorses the development of workplace trainers and these workshops.

If you have any feedback at all, please see the Driver Training Steering Committee members Andrew Holt & Paul Foster.

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