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Petition to save major NZ rail line

Dec 1, 2016News

NZ’s South Island’s main rail line has been decimated by huge slips following the magnitude 7.8 earthquake near Kaikoura. Already there is pressure from groups like the Tax Payers Union to not replace the rail line.

As transport workers we know just how essential rail is for a sustainable and safe transport system. Moving freight by rail means fewer trucks on the road, fewer crashes, less pollution and ultimately less congestion in our cities and ports.

So let’s stand with our colleagues and call on the Minister of Transport to commit to funding the rebuild of the South Island rail line.

2 Comments to “Petition to save major NZ rail line”

  • Minister,

    A railway system is critical infrastructure in all developed countries to serve their communities in the safe movement of freight and passengers safely. To not rebuild following the earthquake would have detrimental effects on communities located away from major towns and cities. These lines are their life line and valued by these communities for connection to the outside world.

    Please rebuild.

  • I fully support the restoration of NZ’s South Island’s main rail line as the benefits outweigh the false economy being
    being shown by the vested interests. If so these called interests have their way they might even try to stop any re
    restoration work to be carried out at Christchurch. Or maybe these pressure-groups are powerless to stop
    restoration of Christchurch.

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