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Newcastle Gunnedah Relief Points

Sep 6, 2017News

Safety Regulators Called In

After months of inaction by all coal operators and the ARTC and several members being injured, the RTBU has intervened to assist your Health and Safety Reps by calling in Comcare and Safework NSW to sort this mess out.

The coal industry, through its HVCCC has decided that station platform relief impedes its port throughput and has dictated that a crew change now take place permanently at nominated locations only. But to make this happen the ARTC provided a couple of truckloads of crushed gravel beside the track – and that was about it. No lighting, no signage, poor access and uneven ground are the norm.

These companies trumpet their empty safety slogans such as “Home Safely Everyday” “Zero Harm”  “Zero Injuries” “No Harm”, – but the reality is these are aspiration only, ignored when costs are involved.

Your Union cares and will work with the various regulators to ensure safety is made front and center to stop unnecessary injuries. Members are urged to be aware of your own safety and not put yourself at risk by using anything that is likely to cause an injury.

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