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National Secretary advocates for fairer pre-selection

Mar 14, 2014News

In a recent speech for the Australian Fabian Society, RTBU National Secretary Bob Nanva said that the ALP’s current pre-selection process was “broken”.

The solution, he said, is to have pre-selection votes be weighted 50 / 50 between local branch members and local affiliate members. This will lead to a more democratic ballot, where more members are engaged with the party on a branch level and candidates are vetted through a more rigorous process.

The system, as it currently stands, only allows rank-and-file branch members to vote on candidate pre-selection.

By opening up the ballot to local affiliate members, like union members, Mr Nanva said it could invigorate Labor’s core base and bring the political arm of the union movement away from factional nepotism and back to its core values.

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