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Labor launches petition against botched train project

Apr 26, 2017News

A Labor petition is being circulated by post to residents in the Blue Mountains and Hunter regions this month complaining about the new trains set for these regions, and arguing they need to be “fit for purpose” instead of an “off the shelf” model.

“People are not just concerned about the silliness of buying a train that doesn’t fit the tracks, they are also concerned about the comfort and ergonomics of a train that they will need to travel on for hours at a time, every day of the week,” Blue Mountains MP Trish Doyle told the Blue Mountains Gazette.

Read the full article here.

One Comment to “Labor launches petition against botched train project”

  • I for one am happy we have such a diligent and committed member of parliament in Trish Doyle, she has taken the issue up magnificently and if only we had more Labor members like her the working class of NSW would be much better off. I hope that she gets the Transport portfolio when Labor beat these useless spivs and shonks from the LNP in 2019, hurrah!

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