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Kangy Angy before and after the rain

Mar 22, 2017News

Kangy Angy might look like an ok spot to build the New Intercity Fleet (NIF) maintenance centre on a good day:

But here’s how it looked after recent heavy rain:

This is not a one-off occurrence: as locals will tell you, Kangy Angy is prone to flooding.

The NSW Government’s decision to build the maintenance centre at Kangy Angy has been so mired in controversy that it’s been referred to the Auditor General.

This is just another example of the disastrous planning we’ve come to expect from the NSW Government.

One Comment to “Kangy Angy before and after the rain”

  • About 20 years ago I looked at buying a property in the area but discovered it was prone to flooding. This can be fixed by cleaning out the local creek. Unfortunately the creek is protected because there are platypi living there. Unless the government is going to circumvent environmental laws (possible) the area will always flood.

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