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Gosford’s longest-serving employee is retiring!

Aug 19, 2016News retirement
Yes, you have heard correctly! Read the full notice from his colleagues below.

2 Comments to “Gosford’s longest-serving employee is retiring!”

  • Hi Albert

    It’s Stephen ‘Devo’ Maher here.

    Since I commenced my loco career at Eveleigh Depot 35 years ago, you’ve always been based at Gosford Depot.

    Those days back then at Gosford were different to today as electrification went no further north, many then interurban services locomotive hauled, rail motors also ran there, Gosford was also a locomotive change over point where trains hauled by electric locomotives from the south were replaced by diesels for their journey further north and vice versa, the then named express trains passed through in most cases loco hauled, also one could actually travel to Wickham, Civic and Newcastle by train, not to forget 46 class normally rostered for Hawkesbury River – Cowan banking duties. How times have changed.

    Also those who wrote the flyer advertising your forthcoming Send Off in regard to your retirement can’t even spell the word, concussion correctly. Also plural format is used for heart condition and longest serving employee, why? Even with spellcheck on programs such as Microsoft Word can be wrong, so can’t be relied upon and it’s wise for those to carefully recheck their work. It’s also important too that American English not Australian English is the default for Microsoft Word and that also must be checked before using spellcheck after selecting all written work so nothing is missed.

    Some further comment on this flyer, it also contains many unnecessary words as well as its uncanny manner, as for communication purposes also appears to do a lot of shouting for four reasons, firstly the use of exclamation marks, secondly, virtually all writing is in capital letters, thirdly the unnecessary information is in large bold text and lastly it’s completely unnecessary to underline your name in that style that the flyer was written.

    Those who write flyers for Send Offs only need to only advise readers of the necessary information in a simple way unlike the flyer in question that has unnecessary information that far outweighs the necessary information.

    Finally too Albert, I’m taking this opportunity to wish you a long, happy and healthy retirement.

    Stephen ‘Devo’ Maher

    Eveleigh’s nicest and most loved Driver

  • Thanks for the English lesson, Devo

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