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Explosive impact on safety

Jul 25, 2013News

RailCorp recently made a decision to remove Rail Safety Signals otherwise known as ‘detonators’ from their network. In eliminating this safety precaution, workers’ safety is reliant on the notoriously troubled train radio system.

While the Loco division welcomes the tabling of a digital radio alternative to be trialled, the fact remains that trains are able to run while the current radio system is inactive, placing staff in danger.

Recent security breaches which resulted in stolen equipment, including detonators, were the catalyst for their removal. While the union agrees that security regarding tracks, signals and maintenance equipment is of the utmost importance, there should be no compromising on the safety of members.

The Loco division stresses the importance of the failsafe offered by detonators and calls for stronger security measures to prevent future thefts while also maintaining this important safety measure for employees.

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  • Just a small point: they are called “Railway Track Signals”, not “Railway Safety Signals”. 🙂

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