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CountryLink drivers shortchanged

May 7, 2013News

RailCorp recently attempted to shortchange Werris Creek CountryLink drivers, refusing to pay them in full for services cut short by trackwork.

The Moree Xplorer service is currently terminating at Gunnedah due to daytime trackwork (resleepering) on the corridor.

It has come to light that RailCorp management had specifically advised the timekeeper that drivers were only to be paid the actual hours worked on the shortened shift, instead of the full kilomileage for the originally rostered service to Moree.

RailCorp then tried to suggest that an informal discussion among drivers at a recent “training” day as consultation and agreement with RTBU officers.

The RTBU immediately rectified the situation and Werris Creek members are now being paid their correct and full entitlements. A circular on this issue will be issued to CountryLink members shortly.

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