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Bathurst bullet fast but not big enough?

Mar 17, 2017News

Is the Bathurst Bullet not big enough? Lithgow City Council will vote on whether to support a motion to ask for another two carriages to be attached. What do you think? Let us know.

3 Comments to “Bathurst bullet fast but not big enough?”

  • It definitely needs additional carriages on weekends, last time I worked the up service on a Sunday the train wasfull leaving Bathurst, I am told this is not unusual.

    I’ve never been on a up weekday service, so I can’t comment on those.

    2 cars is plenty for the down weekdays, even more so if fines were issued to those that are getting off at the ‘pick up oonly stations, and/or the guard was allowed to not open the doors at ‘pick up’ only stations if nobody was boarding.

  • Good luck finding the rolling stock for that!

  • I work it once a fortnight on weekdays. In two years, not once have I seen it full.
    My biggest worry is reliability. It’s Rosary beads & Hail Mary’s all the way to Mt. Vic.
    So far my prayers have been answered. Just hope no one up there takes a sickie.

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