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Future operations ‘reform’ in Sydney Trains

Aug 21, 2015News

The RTBU met with Sydney Trains recently for a briefing on the company’s “Future Operations” reform project.

The majority of ‘reform’ is focused around the clauses in the 2014 EA relating to the aggregate payment agreement (12.1) and train crew shift lengths, rostering and working arrangements agreement (12.2).

A very broad dot point presentation was given on how the company wants to start a conversation with Train Crew about “Future Operations” and what they see as the need to reform, the current entitlements and work practices.

During the meeting, management showed the RTBU delegation a produced ‘Employee Information Pack’ which they intended to distribute immediately to members.

The information pack was produced well in advance and without any input or consultation with the union.

The RTBU representatives have arranged a briefing with your union delegates on 26 August, where Sydney Trains management will brief delegates on their proposals.

This initial meeting is the first of what we suspect will be a long process of meetings between the parties on this issue.

The Loco Division will keep members informed along the way and will be seeking regular feedback. These are your wages and conditions, so it’s critical all members have a chance to have their say.

One Comment to “Future operations ‘reform’ in Sydney Trains”

  • My views on this supposed reforms are well known locally, it will be a test of not only the membership but also the executive and delegates/activists resolve, we must fight them to to the bitter end, we stand to lose what generations before us have fought hard to win and secure, it is a fight that must be fought with tenacity but also fought with intelligence, I am confident that our executive and officers have the resolve and fortitude to take this fight to the management and have a positive outcome.
    Members must realise that we must all collectively endorse and fight these issues on a positive theme, or we will see a total devastation of hard fought conditions erode before our eyes.
    Hopefully, we are up to the challenge that lies ahead.
    Regards comrades,


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