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Welfare phone calls: management shows a caring side…

Aug 9, 2013News

Sydney Trains management has commenced a practice of ringing members who are on sick leave for the purpose of a supposed “welfare check”.

As a part of this call, members are being asked the reason for their absence and for how long it will occur. In addition to this, management now requires an additional ‘absence report form’ be completed with a covering letter from that manager to ‘assist’ members in compilation of what is now two required forms for sick leave.

The RTBU has disputed this matter on the grounds that no consultation has occurred regarding a change to absence management policies. It should be obvious that management is commencing an “absence management” campaign to reduce absences and members should view the “welfare check” phone call for exactly what it is. Members are advised that they have the following obligations:

1. Notify your roster clerk or supervisor when commencing sick leave

2. If attaining a medical certificate, notify your roster clerk of the duration of your absence

3. Notify your roster clerk or supervisor that you are fit to resume work

There is no obligation on members to accept “welfare check” phone calls when they are on sick leave.

Members are further reminded that as Category 1 Rail Safety Workers, the nature of your illness is to be reported to your employer however, this information is confidential between yourself, your doctor and the Chief Medical Officer and does not have to be shared with anyone else.

3 Comments to “Welfare phone calls: management shows a caring side…”

  • Is it possible that these calls could be classed as harassment and reportable to the relevant authorities?

  • The illness type only needs to be specified if you’re on leave for 7 days or more

  • Rumour has it that Management has been told to follow up on all employees who take 9 days over 12 months, medical certificate or not….

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